"Quite by chance, two weeks before collecting our 8 week old chocolate lab, my husband Gordon spotted Jan Fennell's book 'The Practical Dog Listener' and thought we should read it. How fortunate, as this completely transformed our approach to acclimatising a very loving but strong-minded and boisterous dog to our 'pack'! 

However, we experienced some behavioural difficulties (eg Abigail launching herself at us like a large furry exocet missile on an almost daily basis! Not good when she weighs 5 stone!) and knew that we needed expert help! Enter Georgina...! What a wise move on our part, as we found her to be friendly, approachable and, above all, full of commonsense suggestions and advice that we were able to follow. Result... a calmer and happier dog (and pack!) We were never at any time made to feel foolish or that we had in any way 'failed' Abigail. Georgina's assurance that these methods would help Abigail was exactly what we needed to give us the confidence to persevere.

Very sadly, Gordon died quite suddenly just before Christmas 2008. Amongst the turmoil everything else that was happening, I wondered whether I would be able to manage the care of our beloved dog on my own. Was I good enough and capable enough to be able to look after her? Thankfully, Georgina has been such a support (via texts phone and visits). She has been able to provide me with much needed reassurance and sensible advice, with the result that I now feel far more confident of being able to provide Abigail with what she needs.

I can, do and will continue to recommend Georgina to anyone with an interest in dogs. Gordon and I also made Jan Fennell aware of our views. I am delighted to be able to provide this testimonial."

Sioban Moore