"We cannot recommend Georgie more highly 
than with two very happy and contented dogs."

"Georgina was extremely helpful, explaining Amichien Bonding 
methods thoroughly and to suit our individual situation."

"Once Dino felt confident in me as the decision maker 
I saw an immediate change in him"

"Your instructions and method were easy to grasp. 
Keep up the good work!"

"Georgina's help has been invaluable."

"It is a fantastic training method and makes so much sense, 
it has really helped us to understand how our dog views life."

"We have now been using these new approaches for 
about 6 months and there is a vast improvement."


"Georgina was brilliant, always on hand by phone or email 
to give me extra advice when I needed it."

"Georgina's assurance that these methods would help Abigail 
was exactly what we needed to give us the confidence to persevere."